Arndt Rolfs

Arcensus Diagnostics, Germany

Arndt Rolfs, MD, Professor for Neurology and Psychiatry, is CEO and founder of Arcensus GmbH, and a multi-entrepreneur in the international biotechnological field. He received his approbation for human medicine in 1985 from the University of Mainz, Germany and the University of Vienna, Austria. Arndt is a principle investigator of several international multicentre studies in the area of rare diseases and actively engaged in biomarker research for several metabolic diseases. (e.g. BioHAE, BioGaucher, BioHunter, BioMorquio) as well as epidemiological studies in neurogenetic aetiologies. Arndt has an extensive track record in medical and scientific publications with more than authored/contributed to 350 peer-reviewed publications and acts as a consultant for international biotech companies. His dedication is to the development of new tools and solutions to improve the early diagnosis of worldwide patients suffering from rare genetic disorders.